some notes on the 2.3 release

well, 2.3 is here and it is time to update everybody on what works and what doesn’t in the 2.3 release.

before we do that, we want to extend a huge THANK YOU to our users for coming to our rescue and helping us deal with the issue we mentioned in the previous blog post. we were overwhelmed by all of the support emails and tweets we got from you. that level of kindness and encouragement only made us want to deliver an even better release for our users. we put a lot of effort into 2.3 and hope it will have a favorable reception.

first, we want to talk about whats new in 2.3 and explain some features:

1. media transfer: any iPhone (2G, 3G, or 3GS) with any OS can send audio and pictures (either existing picture from your Camera Roll or by taking a picture). if you have an iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3.1 or higher, you can also send a video (either one from your Camera Roll or by recording one in real time). both parties need to be running version 2.3 in order to send and receive media messages.

by default, images and videos you receive will be saved to your iPhone Camera Roll. if you’d like, you can turn off automatic media saving by switching the “Save Incoming Media” button to Off (accessible in settings page).

2. message delivery receipts: in 2.3 you probably have noticed by now that you see a red letter attached to every message you send. those red letters are actually quite important because they tell you if your message was delivered properly or not. in a future version we will most likely replace these letters with graphics and have the software automatically re-try delivery if it fails, but for now you just get a visual indication of the state of your message. here is what each letter means:

  • u – unknown – message was sent to a chat partner who is currently online and is running an older version of the app for an iPhone (or a BlackBerry beta version)
  • S – Sent – message has successfully arrived at the Server (and push notification alert was generated for offline iPhone users)
  • D – Delivered – message was succesfully delivered to the Device of the chat partner.

3. there are a also a lot of minor improvements. for example: you can now disable message text preview (just like w/SMS) and you can also select a specific sound to play when push notifications arrive. we encourage you to explore the WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings screen and customize the application to your liking.

unfortunately, now would be a good time to mention what went wrong with the 2.3 release. in an attempt to optimize how our application connects to our service, it looks like people on the following mobile networks can no longer connect to WhatsApp over 3G/UMTS (while still able to connect via Wi-Fi):

  • Bouygues Telecom, France
  • SingTel, Singapore
  • M1, Singapore
  • Mobily, Saudi Arabia
  • Zian, Kuwait
  • Optus, Australia
  • Cellcom, Israel.
  • Etisalat, UAE
  • Orange, France
  • Orange, UK
  • PCCW, Hong Kong
  • T-Mobile, USA
  • China Telecom, China
  • Smartone-Vodafone, Hong Kong

the good news is that we have identified the problem and are already in the process of submitting version 2.4 which fixes the issue. we will also email Apple Review Team and ask them to expedite the review process since it is affecting many of our users. meanwhile, until 2.4 is available, you can continue to use WhatsApp 2.3 on Wi-Fi.

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86 Responses to “some notes on the 2.3 release”

  1. Alisha Says:

    Is there any word on when the Blackberry version will be released to the public in a non-beta version? I’m excited to chat with blackberry users as well.
    Fantastic job on everything so far. Favourite app.

  2. abdullah hamed Says:

    i got Mobily, Saudi Arabia and its seems to be working well over 3G here

  3. bu3teeg Says:

    Latest: @WhatsAppInc I’m a Zain customer in Kuwait and I’m able to connect my WhatApp on the 3G network normall… less than 5 seconds ago

  4. Ali Says:

    Hi. Love your app, love the update. But it’s not working for us on Wataniya, Kuwait on GPRS either. I hope apple approves 2.4 quickly!

    Keep it up Whatsapp!!!

  5. Lukes Beard Says:

    amazing work guys , thank you!

  6. Jad Morffier Says:

    I’m on Optus here in Australia and just chatted to a mate from Sydney in Melbourne here. We also exchanged photos, he sending one to me and me one to him. We both have v.2.3 and it all ran rather smoothly over 3G without a hitch.

    Not sure what network he is on but from this end I cannot fault it.

  7. Jkpod Says:

    same problem from France my carrier is SFR

  8. Brent wilde Says:

    Let me start off by saying I love this application and suggest it to all of the people that I meet with iPhones. However, I would like to ask that in the next release you move the location of the send button. I hit it all the time when I’m trying to hit the space bar and up up sending up to 6 messages when one was only needed

  9. Danny Says:

    So this also doesn’t work for 3g network in Israel, company cellcom

  10. Laura Says:

    Hi. I keep getting error messages saying whatsapp has encountered a network problem, what do I do?!

  11. aurelie Says:

    Hi, there is problem with SFR France too. We cannot connect on3G only wifi.

    Thanks for your help.

  12. Abdulrahman Says:

    I’m on Zain Kuwait.. it worked on 3G in the beginning but not anymore, not even on wifi now.. Others works fine with them,, so yes it’s affecting some/most users bur not all.. Only hope seems is to wait for v2.4 :(

  13. Abdullah Says:

    With the latest update, I no longer can access your network! I even tried to reinstall and now when I try to enter my number, your app crashes! Looking forward for the next update!

    Am on Zain Kuwait 3G network with an iPhone 3GS officially unlocked and proudly jailbroken by Blakra1n ;-)

  14. Ves Says:

    Thanks for making this great app. I’m now able to persua more and more people into using it.

    Looking forward to the future features. Btw where do I donate?

  15. Roland Says:

    Hi there! I am a user of What’s App in Singapore and I am on Singtel network. Did not encounter any issue so far while using your app on 3G/UMTS. Thanks for the great app!

  16. Uranium Says:

    I’m a Singtel, Singapore user. I am one of those unfortunate ones affected by the connectivity issues. No problem on Wifi though. Looking forward to the next update to resolve the issue! =)

    • Kristine Q. Says:

      I am more unfortunate than you although we are in the same country, with Singtel as well. My WiFi is TOTALLY unstable.

      I have to move around to catch a signal (omgOSH…. just like the primitive zone phone!)

      GPRS/3G is never possible since the new vers. update. BIG sigh!

      Really really hope it get sorted out soon…. its making me feel desperate especially when I am trying to talk to overseas friends.

  17. zx Says:

    somehow i cant even send a msg out with either wifi or 3g but it only came about a day after my upgrade to v2.3?

  18. Karin Says:

    Excellent app, works very good in The Netherlands! Can’t wait till we can chat with BB users.

  19. Roger Chan Says:

    I can’t use 3G network to send SMS.But wi-fi is OK.
    Me be the mobile network to blocked this fuction?
    I use PCCW in Hong Kong

  20. Canada1 Says:

    Just wanted to get some updates on the blackberry non-beta version of WhatsApp. Can’t wait till this will be iPhone to iPhone to blackberry compatible. Thanks

  21. Yasmine Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for this absolutttttely amazing app! I’ve been telling everyone here in France and in the States to get it because I’m simply obsessed :)
    oh and, speaking of France, your 2.2 version actually didn’t send me any notifications but your 2.3 version does. That goes for a lot of my friends here… but we have orange, so maybe that’s why?
    Anyways, thanks again, I really appreciate this app!

  22. Andy Says:

    It would be great if the user is able to associate a phone number with a person’s ID. Or even let the phone number be the ID. That way, we won’t have to keep a backup list of user IDs with us in case the app had to be updated or reinstalled.

  23. Derk Says:

    What a great app!
    I would say the best actually.
    Too bad it only works for a few hours or a day. Afterwards it gives the notification: “whatsapp has encountered a network problem….”
    When I reinstall the app Whatsapp work again…for a day or so….

    I live in the UAE and use Etisalat.
    Please let me know if Etisalat is supported.

  24. Faz Says:

    hiya, im on orange uk and when i was using whatsapp before the upgrade, it worked amazing!! now that i have upgraded, i can only use whatsapp via wifi ??

    fyi: i have a 3gs iphone.

  25. atics Says:

    use chat blackberry make me easier

  26. Gerard Says:

    Is there A (future-) way to save received audionotes?

  27. Arnaud Says:

    Same problem with Orange in France, only work with Wifi…

  28. Jumana Says:

    Hello! =)
    First off, your work is very much appreciated! This is by far THE best messaging app ever. And trust me, I cannot drag my friends & family more than I already have into downloading whatsapp. And soon enough, I will force all of who own a blackberry to do the same!

    Alongside others, I’ve been facing the network problem, only the app won’t even use my wifi connection. I’m not really sure if it’s the same issue other people are having because my celular network problems have always been there with my phone in general, but I really hope it’ll get fixed when that problem get’s fixed.

    Many thanks.. and will continue to support you till the day I die!

  29. Slkrz Says:

    Hi, I’m on singtel in Singapore, and while I can connect to your servers, my girlfriend, who is also on singtel, can’t. I know from previous comments that it affects only some users, so I’m eagerly awaiting 2.4 so I can chat with her on whatsapp again. It’s really my favourite app now! I’m a heavy sms user and I managed to cut down my smses from 1600 to just 120 with whatsapp! Love it!! Please do keep new updates coming!! :)

    • whatsapp Says:

      we already submitted 2.4 which fixes the connectivity bug. waiting for apple to approve it.

      • Kristine Q. Says:

        Great!! Well done. Appreciate it so much. Thanks, the dear supporting hands of Whatsapp!!

        There’s gonna be a update notice on the apps store right once its available for upgrading of vers.?

        Oh Yay!! You guys are way too cool.

  30. davidkayisrael Says:

    The issue of connecting to 3G also exists on Cellcom, Israel.

  31. Melody Says:

    when do you think the new version will come out?? because it was working very well with the old version and now on jailbroken phone (bouygues/ France) the current version just doesn’t let us use it! thanks

  32. stupe Says:

    I have two thumbs and two big toes but i like to give 10 thumbs and toes UP for this apps.

  33. Simon Says:

    Unable to find it at the app store?! Is it because 2.4 is launching?

  34. Jonny Says:

    The 2.4 is a paid App sadly… I’m m1 Singapore user and still having prob sending msg either wifi. Or 3g mode…

  35. Frederic Chastagnol Says:

    Some orange switzerland customers are affected too. You don’t report this provider. Will it be corrected in 2.4?

  36. pahud Says:

    Hell WhatsApp Inc.

    I use China Telecom and yesterday I have no problem sending/receving in 2.3 with 3G or Wi-Fi but today 3G as well as Wi-Fi doesn’t work anymore.

    I noticed that China Telecom is not listed in your mobile networks. Does my situation belongs to the same bug? If not, what can I do for you?

  37. Leon Says:

    Please fix it fast. We grow dependent on your service and to not be able to use it over 3G which is one of the reasons why we continue to use the iPhone. We are your ever so eager followers tha religiously download your new versions, knowing that you take care of us. Please help.

  38. Yppy Says:

    I love this app, thanks. I got a different issue than all the connectivity problems however. Some messages I receive are shown through pushmail, but if I then open the app, they don’t appear. It happened a few times already. Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this? Kr, Joris

  39. Julien Says:

    Why can’t we setup “What’s app” in apple Store in France ?

    Msg from Itunes :
    ” The product that you ask is not available anymore in the Frenc Apple Store”


    • whatsapp Says:

      we decided to remove the application from the iTunes store in France, Switzerland and Singapore because we can’t be selling an application which has this network problem.

  40. optimod Says:

    GREAT App but can’t connect over 3G/UMTS from Orange France since v2.3. If fixed with 2.4, it seems like WhatsApp is no longuer available from the AppleStore in France… As is, how could I download the upgrade ?

  41. Kristine Q. Says:

    hip hip hooray~ x 3 cheers for Whatsapp. Appreciate the efforts and time on it, giving us so much convenience.

    This app is way too cool. So looking forward to getting a bug free new vers. update!! Way to go guys!

  42. Kristine Q. Says:

    So, whether paid or free, since 2.4 is pulled out from the Singapore’s store, when are we, ppl in Singapore, able to have an improved version that rectify this network connectivity malfunction??

  43. ChrisCM Says:

    I don’t know if it’s 2.3, the fact I sent a picture or that the history has gotten too large but “Email chat history” for that contact or “Load Earlier Messages” both cause a 5-10s screen freeze followed by being dumped out of whatsapp. I’ve dropped a mail to support, any idea what the cause is and if I can archive/backup the history before I clear it (which presumably may resolve the issue?)

  44. Tom Says:

    I’m from France on SFR and I can’t find whastapp anymore on the Apple store..
    Can you please tell me what’s hapening?

  45. TS Says:

    Am on Singtel and downloaded 2.4, but network problem remains. Shut down iphone and restarted, but no change. Anything else I need to do to make it work? Thanks

  46. Derk Says:

    I can’t update to 2.4 even when I uninstall 2.3 and install 2.4 from the appstore, ti will still download version 2.3. What’s wrong?
    Downloading in Dubai.

  47. Bacon Says:

    Hi, Updated mine to 2.4 but problem comes back again. :(

  48. whatsapp Says:

    we address this issue at the bottom of — this bug will be resolved in 2.4

  49. davidkayisrael Says:

    can you speculate a timeframe for the release?

  50. Derk Says:

    Is this an answer to?:
    Too bad it only works for a few hours or a day. Afterwards it gives the notification: “whatsapp has encountered a network problem….”
    When I reinstall the app Whatsapp work again…for a day or so….

    I live in the UAE and use Etisalat.
    Please let me know if Etisalat is supported.
    If so maybe it’s good to add Etisalat in UAE to the list.
    Keep up the good work!


  51. whatsapp Says:

    sadly, we can’t since we have to wait for apple to approve the app:

  52. whatsapp Says:

    adding to the list..

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